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The Surroundings

Piombino is located in the area called Maremma Toscana, where the coast meets agricultural land and forested mountains. Marine and agricultural landscapes alternate in it, from international places such as the Etruscan Coast and inland Bolgheri, appreciated all over the world for the famous wines that are produced such as Sassicaia, Brut, Gaia.

A few minutes Castagneto Carducci, rich in history where you can visit the museum dedicated to the poet Giosuè Carducci. On the coast in Baratti (9 km. From Piombino) there is the Etruscan Archaeological Park. dominated by the Torre di Populonia, an Etruscan city still alive.


A few km, about 10 towards Riotorto, the Sterpaia Coastal Park, full of wildlife oases and beaches.

On the surrounding hills, there are some of the most characteristic Tuscan villages including Campiglia Marittima and Suvereto rich in history, culture and traditions.

Esperia Spiaggia
Archaeological Park

Esperia Spiaggia

Sterpaia park

Esperia Dintorni


Esperia Dintorni

Suvereto - the fortress

Esperia Dintorni